The Wastelands: Book 1


Took me 8 months to finally redrawn, compile and print this book with existing artwork from 2011-2013. The Wastelands #1 is directly the first book of The Wastelands series (Rahu being a standalone chapter) staring Amy who wakes up in an abandoned bus in the middle of an unknown field.

The original story came from 2008 after being involved with a bus crashed and experiencing vivid fever dreams afterwards. The first two chapters were used in my final project for university but have been completely redrawn for print (later online at Inkblazers and Tapastic).
Left 2011 page vs the 2015 version.

Book 1 covers chapters 1-5 around 112 pages, following Amy who is rescued by hunter-prince Kyror. Kyror, believing she may possibly be a sign from the gods that once lived among them takes it in his care to get her to to the Kingdom and seek help how to get her back home.

  • Colour exterior cover with B/W interior pages
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9")
  • Uncoated matte cover
  • 112 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
Available for sale at my store.
Digital ebook versions available at Comixology and itch-io

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