Now that it's September it's pretty much Halloween (don't judge me) It's my favorite season and to celebrate I've created a special edition print that will be given out with every sale this Autumn!
It'll be given out at cons and any sales through my Petitecreme store front!

Super happy that I'm part of Dirty Rotten Comics #8 this August!
A short 4 page comic featuring a girl dealing with her loss and finding comfort in an old friend.

It's available to by here!

I don't normally draw NSFW stuff but when I do I like my ladies owning demon pets!
Good art friend Matt Bailey hosted a book collaboration with profits going towards the charity of victims of sexual assault.
I created a colourful playful piece of my occult leader OC Nun and her Mayan demon pet who's totally in love with her. There's a lot of "demon owning the lady" styles but I wanted something fun and different.
You can see all the contributors here and if you want to help support Matt in raising money for his chosen charity, you can buy a physical copy here (He'll also be at London MCM comic con and Thought Bubble same as me this year)

I was invited to submit a couple of pieces for the Alfred East Art Gallery exhibition on comic work.
It was a rather sudden submission, I did send quite a couple of pieces but only 2 made it in.

It was a small exhibition of 2 rooms, one containing the difference processes of how fine/traditional illustration/art was created (drafts, layers of oils, composition etc) and how comics are created (script, thumbnails, inks, lettering etc)
It was rather an odd way to compare but I enjoyed how they went to lengths to really explain how comics are art and should also be treated as art.

The other room was full of donated published originals and female artists, including mine. Showing how versatile the styles people can create today. Just like the subject matter of old paintings, comics are take all shapes and forms. For a small exhibition is was densely packed and really well researched and informative. They even displayed an 1970's full comic originals of a Dracula story in inkwash and that was gorgeous!

You can read more about it here!
Thank you to the Alfred East Art Gallery for the oppertunity!

Took me 8 months to finally redrawn, compile and print this book with existing artwork from 2011-2013. The Wastelands #1 is directly the first book of The Wastelands series (Rahu being a standalone chapter) staring Amy who wakes up in an abandoned bus in the middle of an unknown field.

The original story came from 2008 after being involved with a bus crashed and experiencing vivid fever dreams afterwards. The first two chapters were used in my final project for university but have been completely redrawn for print (later online at Inkblazers and Tapastic).
Left 2011 page vs the 2015 version.

Book 1 covers chapters 1-5 around 112 pages, following Amy who is rescued by hunter-prince Kyror. Kyror, believing she may possibly be a sign from the gods that once lived among them takes it in his care to get her to to the Kingdom and seek help how to get her back home.

  • Colour exterior cover with B/W interior pages
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9")
  • Uncoated matte cover
  • 112 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
Available for sale at my store.
Digital ebook versions available at Comixology and itch-io

I'm a big fan of creating AU's within shows I love. I created a special fanbook based on a series of stories that I collaborate with DS. This book was made in secret as a gift for her birthday in 2015.
The theme of the book is based on our joint work on our "Hellking" scenario.

Taking inspiration of Icelandic landscapes, Roman architecture, Woodkid music videos and occult minimalism I created a series of illustrations and short stories based on a version of Hell and the characters that live in the city of Dis.

The cover itself I wanted to create a very high fashion appearance without illustrations but to convey the style of Hell I want to see. Photos from resources and from my time in Belgium around the Palace of Justice played a big role.
I wanted to show this version of Hell was civilised, that there was order and rich elaborate architecture that has just been left to rot and fall apart.

  • Colour cover with colour interior pages
  • A4 size (8" x 11") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 20 pages on 250gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: September 2015

    Since it was a limited event it won't be reprinted again, thank you to those that supported me!

Earlier this year in May I was super lucky to be part of the annual My Famicase exhibition in Tokyo hosted by Meteor!

This was my first time submitting to the exhibition and I really wanted to make a bright and colourful cartridge that I would super want to own in real life!

My piece is called Pastel Powder Keg, based on a girl gang idea I really wanted to do and wanted to bring some personality and tell a story with this illustration!

My main inspiration was from playing Saint's Row with my friend and just creating bright and deadly girls that went around blowing stuff up! I thought of a game where you have to earn money to pay off the mafia, or get enough street cred that you can overtake them.
One of the ideas was to drive around rich people's pets, like tigers and sharks. 

 You also get a large poster that lists every cartridge in the exhibition which is super great!

Thank you to the people who took photos of my cartridge, I lost your details but if you want to be credited please drop me a line!

Another month and another fanbook! It took a few months but I finally finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and I was so driven to create another comic because this game really was so enjoyable and fun to play.

Once again I collaborated with comrade-in-arms DS in creating a gag/action comic with a range of mini stories based on the events in the game and our favourite characters. With the game's story based in the 80's I leapt at the chance to create a cover with all my fave aesthetics of 80's culture.

Made it look like the cover of a VHS tape (which I hunted in my garage to find old tape covers) and vaporwave-styled colours with the purple and blue.
Though Venom/Punished Snake is on the cover, a hidden Big Boss is in the back.

The cover was printed on uncoated card, with the VHS texture it really gives a faded and vintage appearance which really adds to the whole style (plus the text was a font based off a lot of 80's cult sci-fi films).

  • Colour exterior/interior cover with B/W interior pages 
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9 ") 
  • Uncoated matt cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 32 pages on 170gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: April 2016

    Available for sale at Pekoe Imperia and my store.

Great news! I came in honourable mention at GMI, Global Manga Initiative 
Thank you to everyone who voted for The Wastelands!

Thank you to everyone who visited me and Chiichanny at LSCC this weekend (20th-21st Feb)
In honesty it was a very difficult con to be at but it was def an experience and I loved being with Chiichanny and she was a great partner to be with during the weekend!
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