A big thank you to every one who dropped by to visit me at True Believers this weekend (4th Feb) in Cheltenham
It was a small con but full of original comic work and it was lovely to see my friends again!

Here's to all hoping 2017 will be happiness and love to you all.
I was commissioned by long term friend and excellent youtube content creator DFactor to help create some branding artwork for his youtube channel and other social media networks.
He wanted a cyberpunk styled theme incorporating himself and the colours I enjoy.

 Background was based loosely on Neo-Tokyo style industrial with a smidgen of Mirror's Edge.

 He wanted a persona character as well with a slight detective/noir theme. So I guess maybe it's more of a Blade Runner feeling?
Chibi head profile with two styles of font.

And the final piece together with how it'll look on youtube and twitter!

A big thank you to every one who dropped by to visit me and Mimi Evelyn at Thought bubble this weekend (5th-6th Nov) in the New Docks Hall.
I had a wonderful time and its the event I love the most in seeing all my friends and being surrounded by great talent.
This is the end of my con season for 2016 and it ended positive! Here's looking to next year!

I was asked to take part in a new anthology promoting chubby bodies and I choose to do a West Indies style witch, bottling up a spirit. I got inspired by all the horror tv shows going on and how the last of the warm summer is now fading.
To see more of the project, check out their tumblr

Thank you to everyone who dropped on by my table at London MCM expo comic con this weekend (28th-30th Oct).
It's always nice to come back to MCM, specially during October when everyone gets spooky!
Accompanying me was Chiichanny, illustrator and doll artist who enjoyed her first time exhibiting too.
I did really well and sold out completely of both The Wastelands #2 and my Dark Souls 3 fanbook! The thing I really look forward to now is seeing my art friends I haven't seen in months and meeting brand new people! I had a great time and got many gifts from fans 💖💖💖

Thank you to everyone who dropped on by, I had a super great time at NOR CON this past Saturday (8th Oct).
It was my first time being on my own but I was made very welcome and the assistants were super helpful.
The Wastelands sold really well which super surprised me. I hope I can come again next year!
Submission for The Peach Zine!

I was super fortunate to be part of the final feminist zine of Basement Babes. A Boston based zine group that promotes art and writing. I created this 'last of summer' girl gang illustration for them as a final farewell and a job well done for their efforts. A Youtube process video is also available!

Now that it's September it's pretty much Halloween (don't judge me) It's my favorite season and to celebrate I've created a special edition print that will be given out with every sale this Autumn!
It'll be given out at cons and any sales through my Petitecreme store front!
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