Backgrounds of the dead world


Someone once told me "Drawing characters is fine, but they're nothing if they have nowhere to live, to work, to play and explore." Then I became obsessed with backgrounds in films and games.

When I first thought of Wastelands I was stranded in the middle of nowhere with an old church (accompanying cemetery), a lone road and two wheat fields on each side stretching to far as I could see.

Inspiration from the various post apocalyptic over humanity has passed and nature takes it course and beautiful concept art from Uncharted helped me develop the plot that the Gods really had left and abandoned the world that they lived in, leaving chaos, fights and wars to break out; not tending to temples and leaving the foliage to grow and wonder about.

This was what I worked to, to take inspiration from old civilizations like the Mayans and old temples covered in the vines and hidden from the world. To have people losing faith from their Gods and abandon them to trust themselves. Some try to bring the Gods back by praying and searching all over but it doesn't work.
Tablets and walls crumbling as tree slowly grow and push, stones breaking letting sunlight and seeds to sprout. Places where no one walks anymore, except for thieves and the Guardians that feast on them, that comfortable but uneasy silence that urges you to explore and feed your curiosity.

I'll keep practicing, to make this little world of mine better. Slowly.

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  1. You are really good at backgrounds and have really good ideas and concepts. You should stop drawing people (which are horribly done and you have not improved at all for the last few years) and stick to backgrounds.

    1. Thank you very much for being anon and letting me know! I have something to focus and improve myself better on now, many thanks and have a nice day!

  2. you are my god, you will always be. (*//*)''


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