Waterfall passage


More Wastelands concept art environment design ideas. Inspired by Scott Fassett's work on the Tarzan film. Painted 600dpi+ screencaps @ 300dpi.

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  1. Ohhh what is that? The 4th screencap; the water looks all....chrome-y and translucent. Even though waterfalls usually have strong currents thus making the water look more frothy, I like the idea of the water being a bit surreal (since it is a surreal world, you have the creative license to change anything, no?).

    In other words, great job, bb <3 I feel you about fainting at 600DPI, my pc roars in protest whenever I do that.

  2. The 4th cap was just to kinda show the depth and values I had to put into the water because I felt I may have over done it with the froth. It was hard to find decent waterfall pictures because either some where slow moving and had too much involvement with rocks and others were too heavy bodied (like victoria falls) that all you could see was spray.

    My laptop is so not suited for this kind of abuse, let alone even photoshop, poor thing can't even play minecraft without lagging sob


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