London Book Fair


With how things are going right now I'm surprised to keep my head above water. Having a difficult time with printers but I think possible I'll be having copies of Wasteland for sale in May at my Etsy store along with a few more prints. I'm so relived to finally have it finished and bound! I hope you'll buy a copy and enjoy it!

My time at university is quickly coming a close. Just a few months before my degree show and graduation and this month I'll be working hard to tie up loose ends in my work and research. It's strange how the saying "Time flies" applies but it does. This time last year I was in Belgium taking exams on post modernism artists of the 50's and freaking out if I'm drawing a forest dense enough. The year before I was Happily plowing away through my work only to be told that any grade I get wouldn't go down for my final mark in the final year. I miss being a workaholic, but I realised I ended up getting myself way too sick too often and have taken a different work routine, balancing work and play more effectively (or possible not, I do get addicted to L4D2 too much)

In the meantime I'll be working on finally getting all my work organised and sorted, not to mention getting stuck into a new project. I'll also be attending the The London Book Fair the full three days (11-13th April) At Earls Court, London. There I'll be giving out limited copies of Wasteland, Marble, prints and bookmarks. So if you're attending, feel free to find us in the huge hall and get some free stuff from me!

I'm going to be heading around and trying to talk to everyone! It's going to be exciting! I'm really looking forward to checking out the printing and GN sections, but oh man the Cooking section looks great too! We have such a tiny stand with so many people attending (a whole class full of books!) so it'll be fun trying to catch and lure people to come visit! Best bit is that we're right next to an ice cream stall, so all the icecream I can afford! I'll also be hanging out with my best and oldest friend who works at SEGA. Hav eyou guys played Shogun 2? I highly recommend you do, it's really good fun!
Hopefully I'll have some work to show after I come back from the fair, in the meantime, be sure to check out my Tumb1r for random doodles and thoughts I post up there. See you in a week.

Also, please pleas please go check out my friend DS's wonderful new webcomic VOCO It's wonderfully done so far and all in gorgeous colour! She's a great story teller so be sure to drop by and look at her work while I'm gone!

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  1. Good luck at the London Book Fair! I hope the printers stop being dicks ): I haven't had any experience with printers before, but from what I've heard you say, they seem like a huge roadblock D: Damnit, guys, we WANT to give you money to get printed! -slaps 'em-
    What I think is having an icecream stand will give you a huge opportunity to cajole unsuspecting buyers who've been lured by the icecream there, ohohohoho :D I hope you have a wonderful and profitable time there! Have fun Sal~

  2. Oh my Darling Cel, it's a trade fair so I can't legally sell anything, Everything I have I'll be giving away for freeee. Don't you wish you were there?

  3. LOL shameless promo. Thanks for the advert, bb <3<3<3 Now I really have to work my ass off on that webcomic ;3 /regret making it so fancy lol

    I hope you have fun at the event, and fuuuu-ICE CREAM STALL NEARBY! GREATEST PLACE TO BE *w* A lot of kids (or kid-like adults) will be around there so you get free visitors there. Try not to stuff yourself with cones tho 8D

    And glad the 2nd batch of the print turned out decent. I had a nightmare last night about book binding because of your experience lol @.@ *foams*

  4. :) I really like the colour lineart on the drawing in this post. :) cool stuff. it has a great composition too


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