For sale and free giveaway!

Hello everyone!

The 27th-30th January 2011 is the International comic and manga festival in France. I will be there with the wonderful Jamie Milk to sell our wares.

I will be selling two comics and a set of prints!

The Wastelands: Limited winter edition
B5 | 20pp | B/W
My final project that I've been working on. A girl wakes up from a bus crash to find herself in world of monster, this is the first chapter of the story.
Each copy includes a free print inside the book

Bus Stop
French & English
A5 | 10pp | Colour & B/W
Includes my final major comic from my BD course and a few select drawings. Self printed and cover is from recycled paper.

Postcard prints will also be available.

As promised at the end of last year I will be holding a giveaway contest!

The Prize
1 copy of The Wastelands: limited edition with free print inside
1 copy of Bus Stop
6 prints
1 request sketch

How to Win

You can win by the following:

-Leave a comment and your email (or a way to contact you)

The winner will be picked out from a fluffy hat and announced at the start of February when I've returned from France. So good luck!

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  1. i must win since i got a haircut and you qualified me as fluffy too :3

  2. Oooooh~~ I want to win O¬O I should win because I have wanted to buy two different DMC doujins from you in the past and have gotten no such luck! *flails* Plus, I've been wanting to see the final portion of your bus monster world comic c:

  3. I should win because I think your art is awesome. I've been your fan since I saw your Devil May Cry stuff and was all like, ahfbalsbha;lsgfaj;lkf :o *3*

  4. I don't think I should win, I think I should buy your stuff! 8D Is it possible I could buy them and have them shipped to Portland? ;; <3

  5. QAQ I STILL GET A COPY RIGHT SAL? ME? ME? I SAID I'D BUY IT SINCE...idk on facebook!! *SHOVES TO FRONT OF LINE??* XDD Oh man Wastelannnddd I wants it. RITE NAO.

  6. You know, your stuff deserve to be bought, because you earn it for all the effort you put into it. Your work always have emotions and captivating storyline that flows beautifully, showing your real showmanship when it comes to ink and papers.

    I hope you get to sell them at the convention, bb. It's a great place to get exposure and you totally deserve to be out there <3

    and I think my 1st comment here was eaten by the captcha. I always forgot to re-check if my comments get through

  7. Have fun in France!! <3

    I wish you the best of luck, and blatantly I should win because....I SHOULD. XD Your work is lovely! I like the front cover design of The Wastelands too, btw. Very cool.

  8. Take one for the team! I hope you sell :D It's not easy putting yourself out there, but you worked hard, and you deserve to enjoy the moment. Hope you have fun!


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