early WIP shot

Anatomy practice and skin painting practice. What on earth was I thinking with that background I do not know. Why do I like this man too much, he's a rather nice bunch of pixels.

New paintover this morning. I recieved crit that he did look too thin, so I tried to add more beef (I should practice painting Chris Redfield, he's got serious guns!) and also lighting to the hair and face which I didn't do. Also got rid of the background I found it too distracting XD

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  1. Omnomnom abs <3 And hay you flipped the chaps and pants. SNEAKY

  2. Awesome Dave:

    blogspot is crazy witchcraft and i don't have an account so ok TWITTER CRIT. when you outline things like abs and pecs etc you--
    tend to use the darkest tone. you should go with a lighter one, and leave the darkest one for small areas like under the armpits and under the chin. working on a grayscale, and then slapping colors on a ps layer set to "color" makes it easier sometimes!

    so you can just merge the layers once you have a general tone you like, and then change the lighter/darker parts once you're done with the overall shading. iiiii took the liberty to slap some colors on top of it really quickly so you can see what i mean


    i'm not saying it's good but yeah just so you can see what i meant---and remember to be consistent with the light source!! OK IM DONE SOB you're welcome!!! i hope something was helpful HAHA


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