They left a message


"Originally, Prayer flag posts were used around the mountain region, the closest place to send their worship, painted and tied to the post, to the gods. But when the gods disappeared, they began appearing all over the land of wastes. A desperate plea for help.

People began leaving messages for loved ones as they travelled across the land on the flag posts. Some of them years old, some never received. Rahu tries to read every one he comes across. To know that there are people out there that are never alone. That people think about their friends and family.

Sometimes, he writes encouraging words and ties them with the rest, maybe there is someone else out there like him who has no one else. Maybe they just need someone, a complete stranger, to believe they’re worth something, even if it's just a little."

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    aww! well donne all these contrats and colour management *-*

  2. beautiful.(*//*)


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