Comics Unstripped! Exhibition


I was invited to submit a couple of pieces for the Alfred East Art Gallery exhibition on comic work.
It was a rather sudden submission, I did send quite a couple of pieces but only 2 made it in.

It was a small exhibition of 2 rooms, one containing the difference processes of how fine/traditional illustration/art was created (drafts, layers of oils, composition etc) and how comics are created (script, thumbnails, inks, lettering etc)
It was rather an odd way to compare but I enjoyed how they went to lengths to really explain how comics are art and should also be treated as art.

The other room was full of donated published originals and female artists, including mine. Showing how versatile the styles people can create today. Just like the subject matter of old paintings, comics are take all shapes and forms. For a small exhibition is was densely packed and really well researched and informative. They even displayed an 1970's full comic originals of a Dracula story in inkwash and that was gorgeous!

You can read more about it here!
Thank you to the Alfred East Art Gallery for the oppertunity!

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