I'm a big fan of creating AU's within shows I love. I created a special fanbook based on a series of stories that I collaborate with DS. This book was made in secret as a gift for her birthday in 2015.
The theme of the book is based on our joint work on our "Hellking" scenario.

Taking inspiration of Icelandic landscapes, Roman architecture, Woodkid music videos and occult minimalism I created a series of illustrations and short stories based on a version of Hell and the characters that live in the city of Dis.

The cover itself I wanted to create a very high fashion appearance without illustrations but to convey the style of Hell I want to see. Photos from resources and from my time in Belgium around the Palace of Justice played a big role.
I wanted to show this version of Hell was civilised, that there was order and rich elaborate architecture that has just been left to rot and fall apart.

  • Colour cover with colour interior pages
  • A4 size (8" x 11") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 20 pages on 250gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: September 2015

    Since it was a limited event it won't be reprinted again, thank you to those that supported me!

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