My Famicase Exhibition 2016


Earlier this year in May I was super lucky to be part of the annual My Famicase exhibition in Tokyo hosted by Meteor!

This was my first time submitting to the exhibition and I really wanted to make a bright and colourful cartridge that I would super want to own in real life!

My piece is called Pastel Powder Keg, based on a girl gang idea I really wanted to do and wanted to bring some personality and tell a story with this illustration!

My main inspiration was from playing Saint's Row with my friend and just creating bright and deadly girls that went around blowing stuff up! I thought of a game where you have to earn money to pay off the mafia, or get enough street cred that you can overtake them.
One of the ideas was to drive around rich people's pets, like tigers and sharks. 

 You also get a large poster that lists every cartridge in the exhibition which is super great!

Thank you to the people who took photos of my cartridge, I lost your details but if you want to be credited please drop me a line!

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