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Most of my time on my colour comic thread of The Wastelands the past two weeks. So here's a snippet if you haven't had a look over at Smackjeeves. I'll be taking a break later to do some proper sketching and catching up on anatomy and dedicated environment practice.
 If you're in Italy for the rest of this month be sure to check out the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia festival all around Naples. A section of my work and animation 'La Café' will be on show in the Exhibition 'Coffee' celebrating Italy's passion for the drink in art and video. It's a huge cultural feast that occurs yearly and has a great selection of theatre, food and art.

If Italy is too far, the University of Gloucestershire is having it's annual art degree show at Pittville Studios, Summerfield Gallery where my Final art show will be on show with hundreds of other students from Fine arts to Graphic design. Private viewing 3rd June 6-9pm where you'll be able to catch me and buy some of my work. If you're unable to make the night, the studio is open until the 10th June 9-5pm. This will be the last time the Studio will hold such an amazing event as the campus will be shut down later in the year so come on by and check out the new talent. You can keep up to date via twitter @PittvilleShow11.

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