The Wastelands; Rahu edition

How is everyone doing? How was your Rapture? The only one I'd rather be is Andrew Ryan's. No rest for the wicked as I've been working away on the next installment of Wastelands. This project was originally just going to be a single (or a few) book but I've decided to go through my old work and notes to develop this story further from a few personal scribbles and dreams I kept to myself. So I'm happy to present Rahu; the prologue of Wastelands, heavily an exploration comic in full colour, exploring the world and monsters of the world rather than story plot driven than the released book.

 This is a personal driven project I'll be doing to keep myself busy and not to rust out now that my university course is finishing. To improve on environments (Which I have such a crush for) and practice colouring. The comic's probably going to be updated weekly, maybe several times a week depending on how busy I am. But feel free to watch my Twitter for updates or subscribe here and on Smackjeeves where it will be posted!

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