Wasteland riding


This was done quite quickly actually, around three to five hours. Much faster than what I normally do in this style. Though there are still much I can learn to improve and do amazing concept art.
My main aspect was to try and get some what of a 'before the storm' kind of feeling. Where the wind picks up and everything is normally eeries quiet. Well where I come from there were alot of playing fields and I loved walking through them just before it rained.
Wanting to get that atmospheric feeling.

Close up of the rider.

Laying out the colours for the background. I used a photo from the late volcano incident as reference.
This is also a reason why I shouldn't listen to SotC and Uncharted2 OST.

Ahh I woke up to this, thank you guys at MB!! <3 I know it's only a little thing but this is so rare for me XD;

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