At the start of 2016 me and buddy in crime DS decided to do a sketch gag fanbook based on Devil May Cry 4 in celebration for the new Special Edition release that we eagerly played to death until our hands fell off. We're both incredibly huge DMC fans and have wanted to collab on a project like this for a long time.

DS did the cover this time, featuring Dante, Vergil, Nero and a hidden Sparda in the back. She did a great job and with a little editing a cover that is powerfully effective and stands out really well with the red-blue tones. Printed on matte paper the reds are really striking and blues are super deep.

The content inside consists of short stories featuring all the characters and scenarios from the game and we give our personal touches with jokes we've been using throughout the years, the response from it has been great and we're happy to create something for fans by fans.

  • Colour exterior/interior cover with B/W interior pages 
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9 ") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 28 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: Jan 2016

    Available for sale at Pekoe Imperia and my store.

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