The Wastelands: Rahu

Over 3 years to create with a lot of hardships moving to along 4 websites, the printed and collected version of my first webcomic story, The Wastelands: RAHU.

RAHU started back in May 2011, a few weeks before I graduated university and I needed a small project to keep me busy until the term was over. I decided to continue my final major project and expand on the world of this short comic that I made.

RAHU features a nomad who believes that one god has cursed him and wants to find answers. Originally hosted on Smackjeeves (it still is to this day!) it took me over a week to finish one page. Even though I had spent a year overseas studying comics, I had never had so much freedom before.

Later in 2013 I hosted on Manga Magazine and shortly after Inkblazers where 'The Wastelands' grew in popularity. In 2015 Inkblazers shut down and 'The Wastelands' moved and is currently home at Tapastic where it updates weekly and is over a whooping 400 pages!

The artwork in RAHU has been edited and tweaked since it's 2011-2013 release and I'm really happy with the quality of the matte pages and rich colours.

  • Colour exterior cover with full colour interior pages
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9")
  • Uncoated matte cover
  • 144 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
Available for sale at my store.
Digital ebook versions available at Comixology and itch-io

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