Wastelands on sale at Manga Magazine!


Full colour, beautifully printed and on sale at Manga Magazine! I had a wonderful time working with the guys at MM in ensuring I had the best quality in terms of paper size and colour and I can’t express how amazing the colours are guys! I’m really happy they came out so vibrant and how I wanted the world of Wastes to be portrayed on printed paper.
If you don’t want to buy from me (where you can get a sweet personalised drawing)  you can buy directly from MM who will handle and ship your order super quick and well packaged! Buying a copy will greatly support me and Manga Magazine, who work hard in treating their artists fairy and kindly! ( u//u)
If you don’t fancy buying, please reblog or share among others who might be looking for a standalone indie full colour comic to get into and read! I would really appreciate it!
Thanks guys!

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