In the land of Limbo

Trying desperately to finish a short project I started a few months ago. A short 32 page comic involving stepping onto the plains of the other side. A mix of comic and narrative writing.
I haven't really wrote much here have I? I have a temporary job at Waterstones, enjoying it immensely being surrounded by books and being in charge of trying to tend the Graphic novel/Manga/Scifi/Fantasy/Crime section. Still looking for a full time job anywhere, been sick and unwell too many times since I graduated, questioned my existence and devoured enough cake within the last two months to open a bakery.

Cannot express my sadness in applying for over 70 art positions, jobs and projects and all being turned down. Bedroom come studio is hardly the place for me to work (my chair is so big it knocks the contents on the shelfs behind) and I'm halfway on obtaining all the achievements in Team Fortress 2 (not to mention spending too much in the store).

Was interviewed by Think Act Vote and provided some artwork for their new book to be released next year.

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