Minimalism and prints

"It is better to lock away your emotions in a society that will feed off them for their own enjoyment."

Drinking with my favourite buddy.

Things have been incredibly difficult. All I'll say is that the job market right now is pretty pants and my bank account has moths. It's surprising how the last few years I've budgeted and struggled to save and survive purely on my student loan, not realising that JSA is an even smaller amount leaving me with no money apart from rent and food bills leaving me bitter on my capabilities and self confidence.

 I have joined up and started selling several pieces of work on Society6, two of them; Wrap up warm and Cheer up tea have been selected to appear in the main store which I am honoured. Most are available as standard and framed prints and a few have been set up for laptop, mac and ipad backings. They print on high quality paper and vinyl so please purchase one if you want to support my survival.

Finally, the come circle I partake in, run by my good friend/classmate/roomie Sammy Borras; the Inspired has just finished printing our newest anthology with a sci-fi theme. It will be for sale at Thought Bubble and later online. Sadly I won't be able to attend but feel free to pick up a copy while you're there.

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