Little hell prince

“It must be so charming to be so sure that you will always be so safe and secure. Never will you have to fear about being lost, poor or in trouble. Both His Highness, his Knight and all of Hell’s legions are here to protect and keep you away from any danger. Such a comforting life to live, you are truly spoilt and will carry on what amazing work His Highness has started; here is to you, my Lord Prince.” Her hiss echoed as she slithered off. It may have come out as praise and adoration but her fork tongue only spiked malice and hate into him.

He didn’t ask for this, he never wanted this choice; of course he understood that he would always be at risk to the King’s enemies as bait, prey or blackmail. But to be caged up within the netherrack walls, to barely escape to the blood gardens to be constantly escorted, followed, lectured and scolded; he crumbled.

His chest hurt, his lungs burned and his heart pounded against his chest. He didn’t inherit a lot of his father’s genetic traits and never understood why as he gasped hard, his body shook and blood squeezed out under his eyes, that he could never cry properly as he always wanted to, as he read how humans could express their sorrow.

The Knight always made time for the little Prince, no matter what time of day. He was there during his first hours; his first steps, words and experiences. He couldn’t help dote and nurture him about the underworld and amaze him with bedtime stories of the human world above.

Introducing him to his loyal pets, had always been a concern, because he had smelt of so many different demons (that even the Knight himself frowned on, wishing the child would have some sort of peace) he was worried that the Blitz wouldn’t take so lightly and possibly harm him. So before his rounds, they played together, ran laps, pretend sword play and walked around the gardens talking whatever came to mind. The Knight had sat the Prince down at a distance and talked about the Blitz’ behaviour. Because they were blind, they relied on electro-magnetic fields to pick up objects about their surrounding area, like sonar radar for bats. The Knight, being crafted out of pure shadow and darkness, carried no electro magnetic current in his body, like most creatures, and was fairly easy to approach the beasts, gain their trust, and train.

After a while, the Knight was confident as he approached the Alpha of the pack that the little Prince would be fine, spending so much time his scent was rubbed off on him. The demon wasn’t phased as the Knight came and rubbed her horn. “She’s absolutely harmless with me, a complete pup. Here girl, be nice now.” Her deep rumbling purr and snout pushed into his little hands and the Prince was both excited and slightly nervous to be petting a fearful devil like a house cat.

The fun I have doing DMC roleplays and exploring the royal family of hell when I should be doing something practically. Though in honestly, I love doing these because they're quick scribbles and creative bursts, not impressing anyone but myself in coming up with quick titbits and pose practice.

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