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The small press circle that I contribute to, Inspired is gathering bits and bobs for the next anthology. This one is Sci-fi themed. Please check their blog to see other artists work, including several of my classmates I studied alongside with. If you go to any small press convention in England you're bound to find them. So please drop on by and have a look through the other anthologies. There is also an online shop where the previous books are on sale for £1!
My initial idea was to do something so incredibly bright, people would notice and pick it up. I think they'd probably run away with burnt eyes though.


With some help from my dear friend N It's been, in the sci fi way, upgrade and version released! Toned away from the neon's and worked on the values and lighting. Much better!

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  1. Oh man, mine's going to fail SO HARD next to this. It is very bright but it looks really good, I like the composition.


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