DMC project horrible delayed because of lame printing service


Well, not exactly canceled, but an extremely long delay into next year if we don't get any help!

It seems, that the printers we were using and had planned to use to print Savior has suddenly backfired. The lady in question refuses to print the material stating 'the porn is going to kill me' and that it'll use too much ink has caused her to refuse to print the Savior book. Yet we have the funds to pay her for her work, she refuses to do her services just because of a personal issue which she never brought up at the time we agreed on using her and getting the quotes (incredibly poor business manner)

This means we will be unable to print and sell the book at all unless we can find a printer somewhere that can print adult material outside of the US (we know copyright laws restrict the use of publication copyright material without the placeholders agreement and printing adult work is impossible from what we've researched).

We are in desperate need of help and advice here. I am asking on behalf of the fans, if you truly care to give us a hand here. Anyone you know who has printed copyrighted doujinshi work with adult content, where did they get it printed, or is there someone we can go to for qoutes? We have a 340 page book waiting to be printed!

Places that we have tried and have refused.

- ComixPress (no adult material)
- LuLu (adult stuff okay, but the quality is awful)
- KA-Blam (no adult/copyrighted material)
- Createspace (can't handle the files)
- Ames on Demand (no adult content)

Please, if we do not get hold of a printers soon, we won't get it done for a very long time. The printing service in question has already refused to print just before Comic Fiesta so we're really sorry for those who were looking forward in buy a copy there. DS will be there selling other mech so please come and do ask/show your support!

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  1. Damn! DD: Oh god, I wish I could help ;__; I've never printed anything using printing services so I don't know any better ones D:
    I'll ask around, maybe I can find something ;; God, what an unprofessional betch! T0T I wish I could kick her... ):>


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