I've been attending a lot of CGI/concept art boards/forums to try and get some actual criticism on my work as places such as DeviantArt and MangaBullet are not the places for support. You are either super talented/skilled and therefore popular getting 'omg you're so wonderful' etc or you are useless and don't get feedback on your work (I am the latter).

I've been working more in greyscale these days. tbh I despise it but I can't understand colour without understanding tones first. Knowing colour is pretty useless if you don't know how to handle them in light sources/textures and so on. So I've tried to do three different types of material. A latex body/plug suit, Armor, and fur. I struggled hard on the fur and metal. I used full opacity brushes like I was suggested but Maybe I should switch to the defulat standard brush rather than the airbrush. What do you think?

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