Every Capcom character knows the three basics


Hydouken, Rising Dragon and Tiger uppercut. A small collab comic with the gorgeous little karaii You can read the first page here. I'm excited to do this with her, she's such a positive and charming person to draw and play with.

The last day so I've been at the London film & comic convention with the amazing Failboat press and HERE BE DEMONS. It was more figures and stuff than artists but it was still a great turnout and to be selling at a huge London event. Very tiring!

Major props to the kid who bought my Nero card art with Lou's!

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  1. UPPERCUT OWNAGE!!! I love the little caption there indicating the moves Nero made, hahaha! <3
    Oh my god, your page is SPECTACULAR!! Sheeet, now I wanna do even my page even better than before eek *o* I'll do my best! -does a lame imitation of a fist pump-

    And it's really awesome you did well at the convention! If only I could have been there, le sigh... ALAS! Soon I shall be invading cons everywhere, hah! :D

    -starts to work on page- <3

  2. Yesss I wanted to do something so cheesy! I'm so glad you love it! (lol if you keep the 300dpi files we should totally slap this in a small doujin)

    The convention was fun, and I really hope you can come see me (or the other way round!)


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