paper and pad


I get really inspired by the Japanese dress up site 'Poupée Girl' or 'dollgirl' where you dress up your little girls and of course, the more real money you pay, the more lovier items you get which irk me so much because I want cute stuff. I can't even afford it virtually let along in real life. Oh sigh.

I want to draw some maid cafe & waitors. Just because it'd be bright and colourful. I'd love to make some stuff to sell but I have't got alot of feedback from people so maybe not yet. I should just carry on with the work I've got right now and make sure all my projects are finished before doing anything super big.

I have probably a month left of school here in Beglium and I don't know what to expect, so best not to work myself too hard on personal things just yet! *nod nod*

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