Hello 2011


First post of the new year.

To say the least, 2010 was a nightmare for me. I suffered and struggled a lot through my oversea exchange, in class and out (specially living in a room with no heating and minus degree temperatures), not having anyone aid me. I was really on my own. I had to become independent fast and manage everything on my own. I learned who really was able to cheer and help me back up.

Returning to England, I discovered my family hit a huge financial problem; we're poor, nearly lost our house and there is also a serious medical problem, which we thought would be fixed this holiday but was shoved back to March, that's the NHS for you. We would go private, but there's no money.

Getting back into university life here was harder than I imagined. I thought I would be okay but it's been very, very challenging. I have so much work to do that I don't have time to do nothing else much at all.
But that's okay, because I only have six months of this and then I can finally socialize. I'm hoping to put money aside to finally travel and visit my long term friends who have supported and given me unconditional love and care these last few years. I hope to help them in their work and studios and get some experience in other cultures (this time with someone who can help me with the language!).

The next six months is my final time at university. I have a final project to finish and to build my portfolio to the working world. I hope to work more on my colour and semi realism in environments and finished pieces.

So to everyone who has read this blog, left me supportive comments, crit and have picked me up from the ground, dusted me down and shoved me back into the fight (my Masters and bby's!) Thank you so much and I wish you all happy new year and here's hoping for a good one!

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